Cloudbric Smart Web Application Protection

Penta Security Systems Inc.

Cloudbric Smart Web Application Protection

Penta Security Systems Inc.

Automated cybersecurity threat response

24/7 threat monitoring ensures proactive protection for all your websites. No security specialists on your team?

No worries - Cloudbric’s fully managed Smart Web Application Protection (SWAP) solution offers threat monitoring, automated configuration, managed maintenance, and 24/7 threat response on your behalf at affordable pricing. 

We also extend our customer support services to your end users and provide an admin console to partners who wish to manage client accounts.

Cloudbric’s SWAP provides web application protection via an industry-leading* logic-based detection engine. With SWAP you can enjoy the following benefits:

Reduced security costs

Fully managed WAF solution from Cloudbric means lower security costs for your company; Cloudbric handles deployment of the WAF, setting of WAF rulesets, and 24x7 monitoring of malicious traffic, so you can cut down on personnel and maintenance expenses. 

Fully managed 

Don’t worry about the complexity of managing the security of your websites. SWAP’s proprietary 27-ruleset that comprises the logic-based detection engine does not require constant signature updates unlike last-generation WAFs based on pattern matching. 

The in-house machine learning A.I. ‘VISION’ evolves as more attack data is compiled, re-applying its learning results to achieve an even lower false positive rate for your websites.

Peace of mind

Know that Cloudbric’s cybersecurity professionals are managing your websites 24x7. Our team has in-depth knowledge of the website security issues that most businesses lack. When you have any questions, the online Help Center is always at hand.

Security insight

Cloudbric provides an intuitive console that’s easy to navigate: the security dashboard displays malicious visit and attack data in a simple graphic format, and the settings panel allows users to make quick changes like adding dangerous IPs to the block list or issue free SSLs for encryption.

Recent Cloudbric awards 

* Stevie Award for Innovation in Technology Development

* Cyber Defense Awards InfoSec Award for Website Security

* Highest detection and block rates as indicated by a recent July 2020 security assessment by the global consulting firm, Wizlynx Group:

    • 599/599 SQL Injections detected and blocked (100%)
    • 600/600 Cross-site scriptings (XSS) detected and blocked (100%)
    • 20/20 Path traversals detected and blocked (100%)
    • 519/519 OS Command Injections detected and blocked (100%)

(Full reports available upon request)