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PetaSuite CE

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Lossless compression of genomic data.

PetaSuite CE is used to losslessly compress genomic files (FASTQ, FASTQ.gz and BAM). Our compression solution is unique:

  • 100% lossless compression
  • Extreme compression, making files up to 90% smaller
  • Transparent, just-in-time decompression 
  • Smaller files, same tools, faster analysis

PetaSuite Cloud Edition

The PetaSuite binary is used to compress Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) files.  It consists of a command-line tool and a user-mode library. The command-line tool performs compression and decompression while the user-mode library allows other tools and pipelines to transparently access the NGS data in their original file formats. The compression binary is called petasuite and the user-mode library is called performs transparent decompression of PetaGene compressed files, presenting original & uncompressed data to tools and pipelines, which means that there is no need to modify these. 

PetaLink Cloud

PetaLink Cloud is a powerful library built on top of the decompression technology of and allows users to stream data directly from Azure blob storage to their compute infrastructure. Features of PetaLink Cloud:

  • directly stream data to and from Azure blob storage
  • enable all bioinformatics tools to directly access data from blob storage
  • user-mode library, easy to install 
  • extremely fast data transfer and streaming
  • works with all file types
  • deploy inside containers

Learn how using our compressed files can speed up analysis by reading our blog on HISAT2.

PetaGene's customers have compressed over 1 million genomes. Learn more here

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