weavix™, Frontline Communication Platform

weavix, Inc.

weavix™, Frontline Communication Platform

weavix, Inc.

Connecting the Disconnected Frontline Workforce Through Communication & Data-Driven Insights

As we progress through the digital evolution of the frontline workforce, weavix™ realizes the potential of equipping them with wearable technologies and solutions to improve performance. Using the walt™ smart radio, every frontline worker has complete access to each other, their office teams and a global community of workers. Our Internet of Workers™ platform is the ideal environment to reduce downtime, expand enterprise-wide collaboration, optimize efficiency, improve safety measures and transform your workforce.

Supported by Microsoft Azure private MEC, weavix™ delivers innovative solutions designed to advance frontline communication and improve on-site efficiency.

The weavix™ collaboration suite enables workers to communicate faster and more effectively with the people they need, wherever they are. weavix™ expands the convenience of push-to-talk to include picture and video messaging, and delivers the most advanced communication capabilities for the frontline workforce, including:


  • Push-to-Talk
  • Push-to-Picture
  • Push-to-Video (Live & Recorded)

Additional Features

  • Language Translation & Dictation
  • Targeted & Mass Alerts
  • Global Directory
  • Unlimited Channels, 1-1 & Group
  • Device Management
  • Workflow Automations & Integrations

All these capabilities are available to every worker on the frontline through an industry-leading smart radio: walt™. With a sleek, rugged design and Class 1 Div. 2 certification, walt™ smart radios are a suitable device for any workplace. walt™ smart radios are packed with the latest communication features needed out in the field, actively bridging the communication gap between frontline workers and office teams. Once every worker is connected, walt™ brings visibility into the frontline in the form of acquired data.

The consumption of this data provides enterprises with clear, actionable insights to accurately measure and monitor on-site activities in real-time. To make this process possible, weavix™ relies on Azure private MEC to constantly acquire, transfer and share this data in a secure, fast and accurate fashion. Through each worker’s walt™ smart radio, weavix™ provides enterprise a space to monitor, analyze and review all actions happening from entrance to exit:

  • Monitor safety and EHS protocols
  • Improve on-site procedures to heighten efficiency
  • Remove subjectivity in decision making
  • Validate time usage
  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Measure productivity of workers based on location, company or craft
  • Identify outliers within their processes

weavix™ is actively involved in shaping the future of work and realizing the full potential of frontline workers everywhere. Through weavix™, the goal is to transform your workforce into an efficient, safe and collaborative investment for your enterprise. For decades, the global frontline workforce has been underserved by advancing technology, leaving workers with virtually no support or oversight. weavix™ aims to connect the global frontline workforce and build safer, more productive workplaces under a single source of truth: the Internet of Workers™ platform.