Easy and safe parking with ParkDots

PosAm, spol. s r.o.

Easy and safe parking with ParkDots

PosAm, spol. s r.o.

Parking application

ParkDots provides a complex support for urban parking. It is a modular platform which responds to the specific needs of any municipality by providing information on the availability of parking spaces, paymen of parking fees, management of residential parking, enforcement of parking eligibility, and integration with other systems. A mobile application is available for download where users can make payments, search for free parking spaces, yet also explore many other features.

Ease of payment

Paying for parking through ParkDots is much easier than paying at a parking meter or via SMS. You will receive an expiry notification 15 minutes before the ticket expires. You can also extend your parking ticket from your mobile phone.

Navigation to a free parking space

With ParkDots you can easily find0 a free parking space near your destination, and the application will also navigate you there. You can pay the parking fee easily from the comfort of your car with the same mobile application.


ParkDots meets the highest safety criteria set by the Deutsche Telekom Group. Payment card details are securely stored at Tatra banka.

Occupancy monitoring

You get a perfect overview of exactly what is happening in your parking spaces. This data will help to better set up and check the parking rules.

Payments for parking

With ParkDots, you have an overview of the collected parking fees in real time. The application will bring significantly higher comfort and utility value for the driver and higher revenues from the parking fees for the city.

Residential parking

Issuing and managing parking cards and permits online. ParkDots covers all processes, from application submission and approving to paying for the permits and to checking compliance.

Compliance checking tools

You will achieve discipline and compliance with parking rules using state-of-the-art number-plate recognition technologies – scanning car, inspection application, fixed systems.

Management and reporting

You have control over the parking rules management, up-to-date information on compliance with them or their violation, as well as access to important statistical data.

Integration with third party systems

ParkDots is designed to be at the heart of the parking solution ecosystem. It provides the municipality with the opportunity to connect individual parking systems into a comprehensive solution.

If you’re a driver, chances are you know the struggle of finding a parking lot in a crowded urban area. Slovakian software provider, PosAm, came up with a solution. The company's smart parking app, ParkDots, is used each day to optimize parking for more than 21,000 drivers. Connected to IoT sensors, it reduces the time it takes to park while helping parking operators manage occupancy and enforce fee collection. The app is hosted entirely in Microsoft Azure for easy workflow management, fast service deployment, and scalability.