Pulse Virtual Web Application Firewall


Pulse Virtual Web Application Firewall


Sophisticated application-aware multi-layered security solution

Pulse Secure Virtual Web Application Firewall

Pulse (previously Brocade) Virtual Web Application Firewall (Pulse vWAF) is a scalable security platform for off-the-shelf solutions and custom applications which envelopes applications in their own security perimeter. It proactively detects and blocks attacks at the application layer and shortens the window of attack from external threats by reducing risk and exposure while securing outgoing traffic to help compliance with PCI-DSS and HIPAA. It's application-aware and offers the highest protection and performance in web and cloud application security.

Pulse vWAF provides a wide range of features to secure your applications and the business critical data they contain. It offers out of the box protection and complete transparency for Security Admins that will enable you to reduce false positives. With the Pulse vWAF you can take a proactive security stance and offer a layered approach to App security, responding quickly to address new threat vectors via easily imported ruleset recommendations, whitelisting and automated learning.

You can delegate security policies for individual clients and applications and add role-based access control, including administrator and audit privileges. It's simple to use and manage with simplified ruleset configuration (via setup wizards and web console) and offers integrated statistics and logging with existing SIEM systems.

  1. Detect & defend against application flaws: protect weak points such as unchecked input data, insecure application configuration & weak authentication by using a comprehensive set of baseline signatures & identification tools.
  2. Proactively secure your application: establish a secure session identifier, dynamically encrypt cookies & URLs & apply site usage enforcement to ensure users do not exploit the stateless nature of HTTP transactions. .
  3. Develop sophisticated security policies: monitor common application usage patterns. Test ruleset suggestions in 'shadow' mode before live deployment. Use whitelists & blacklists in security rules to improve performance & reduce complexity.
  4. Integration with DevOps tools: Use the REST API to integrate with your choice of Devops and orchestration tools.


The cost of Pulse Virtual Web Application Firewall varies from $0.92 USD per hour for deployment on a server of 12 cores or less, up to $1.41 USD per hour for deployment on a server of 16 cores or more.

Other currencies are available. See the Pulse Secure vTM & WAF Licensing Guide for details of the features available with this edition.


The Dev/BYOL edition of Pulse vTM available via the Pulse Secure Virtual Traffic Manager template can be used as the host for a license key purchased from one of Pulse Secure’s Partners. See the Cloud Services Installation and Getting Started Guide for more information.