Quorum Cyber Managed eXtended Detection & Response (XDR) using Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Quorum Cyber

Quorum Cyber Managed eXtended Detection & Response (XDR) using Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Quorum Cyber

Quorum Cyber's Managed eXtended Detection & Response

At Quorum Cyber we believe in helping good people win.

Cyber-attacks continue to increase in frequency and sophistication, causing greater risk, uncertainty and damage to organisations in every industry around the world. As businesses operate larger and ever-more complex IT environments, they need a broader and more diverse set of skills to defend themselves than ever before. Globally, cyber skills remain in short supply, making the competition for talent fiercer than ever.

Quorum Cyber’s new flagship Managed XDR service provides comprehensive security across the entire IT ecosystem, freeing teams to concentrate on their core business. Our solution focuses on business results and outcomes while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) to provide a clear return on investment (ROI) to enable organisations of any size and complexity to achieve more with less in any region of the world.

Our Managed XDR service combines the strengths of Microsoft’s two families of Defenders into one single service:

Managed XDR = Microsoft 365 Defender + Microsoft Defender for Cloud + Microsoft Sentinel.

Employing the all-seeing Microsoft Sentinel, we monitor absolutely everything, from any vendor, across the whole enterprise, be it on-premises or in the cloud, in Operational Technology (OT) or the Internet of Things (IoT). We scan laptops, smartphones and other devices through to email, networks, identities, virtual machines, databases and firewalls, and any type of operating system and any cloud environment, including from Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure.

Our premium service includes Security Operations Centre and Managed Detection & Response (SOC & MDR) as standard to give complete peace of mind every day of the year.

Key customer benefits

Managed XDR is flexible and scalable to suit any organisation of any size, and promises an impressive set of outcomes:

  • Gain the peace of mind of having comprehensive cyber security across the entire IT environment
  • Significantly reduce the chances of a successful cyber-attack
  • Rapidly contain suspicious incidents

  • Shorten the dwell time of a cybercriminal
  • Minimise damage of any breaches that do occur
  • Shrink TCO by consolidating to a single vendor security ecosystem
  • Save the expense of building and running an in-house cyber security team
  • Maximise use of existing technologies and licenses to realise value for money
  • Understand the risk profile and improve security posture against the latest threats
  • Run a monthly cyber-attack simulator and security MOT check to assess any vulnerabilities and strengthen defences
  • Increase the team’s productivity by freeing their time and energy
  • See any cyber incidents and how they’re being managed in real time via our customer portal, Clarity.

Superior features of Managed XDR

The ‘Managed’ component of our Managed XDR service means that our experienced threat hunters will proactively monitor the entire IT ecosystem on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to provide the best security protection possible. They will investigate any suspicious activity that’s flagged by our automated threat monitoring technology.

Our engineers execute ‘safe attacks’ in a monthly MOT and talk through any vulnerabilities to continually improve security posture in light of the latest cyber incidents around the world.

Furthermore, our management of the XDR service guarantees the most up-to-date software to protect organisations from whatever threats emerge. We’ll also help streamline the portfolio of products and licenses to ultimately adopt a single security ecosystem.