SecurityBridge App for Microsoft Sentinel


SecurityBridge App for Microsoft Sentinel


SecurityBridge Threat Detection for SAP offer you insights to the events from anywhere in the world

SecurityBridge's Security Application Layer installs and resides within the SAP ABAP stack, so no additional hardware is required.

The Platform provides Real-time vulnerability monitoring and intrusion detection scanning and monitoring for SAP© ABAP, JAVA, HANA, and cloud-based SAP systems.

It comes preconfigured with hundreds of SAP-specific attack and vulnerability detection patterns. Once unboxed, SecurityBridge is easily activated and put into production without a lengthy implementation phase.

SecurityBridge not only evaluates the SAP Security Audit Log, it continuously scans and correlates all log sources, which may impact the security posture of your SAP landscape. Intelligence is applied at machine speed to alert on critical events and discard the false positives.

Real-time intrusion detection

The SecurityBridge Intrusion Detection System (IDS) runs continuously, scanning all log and audit sources within the SAP instance for SAP-specific attack patterns and zero-day vulnerabilities.

Events are created by the SecurityBridge correlation engine, which also applies user behavior analysis. False positives can be eliminated using filter settings, which are configured directly on the Controller system, and are distributed to the Agents with a single click. The result is a high-quality and accurate threat assessment on duty 24/7.

Core features

  • Instant SIEM connectivity. Seamlessly connect SAP with Splunk, ArcSight, LogRhythm, QRadar, Microsoft Sentinel, and many other SIEM providers.

  • Event Monitor Fiori® App for Monitoring and Investigation

  • An event timeline feature that simplifies investigations in Fiori®

  • Advanced filter and whitelist configuration

  • An updated standard configuration catalog for 80+ Listeners, covering hundreds of identification patterns and signatures

  • Rule-based Response Framework

  • Real-time Code Vulnerability Scanner

The SecurityBridge Microsoft Sentinel App helps your central SoC to get a better insight into the situation on the SAP side. It integrates the Fiori Event Monitor dashboard into the company's main Microsoft Sentinel dashboard.
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