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Flood Predictor

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Backed by engineering models, our enterprise-grade Flood Risk API offers fast and reliable data

Flood Predictor – Get ahead of the next big flooding event

Flood Predictor is a secure, cloud-based solution that provides you with flash and riverine flood risk insights in minutes, so communities can prepare in advance of the next flood event without performing complex hydrology and hydraulics modeling. Trained by more than 30,000 hours of engineering models and refined with our proven engineering feature layer, Flood Predictor can analyze flood risks, project future climate scenarios, incorporate local adaptation, and validate against government records, providing you with the information and insight you need to be prepared—and prepare those who rely on you.

Make fast and smart decisions, save lives

Machine learning provides accurate*, data-driven results in near real time. Flood Predictor takes traditional machine learning one step further by augmenting data-driven results through a feature engineering layer to inform the results with local conditions. The result? Flood risk data delivered in minutes that has an incredibly high correlation to traditional engineering models. With risk information delivered this fast, you can get in front of the next flood event and become more resilient before the worst-case scenario hits.

Make confident and informed decisions with data you can rely on

Flood Predictor’s proven combination of traditional machine learning augmented with water resources feature engineering data allows users to quickly achieve between 85% and 95% hydrology and hydraulics model correlation. We monitor Flood Predictor’s model performance against traditional engineering models based on precision and recall (F1 score), creating an industry-leading result that can become your foundation for professional water resources science and engineering services.

You’re not alone; we’ll get you up and running

When you invest in Flood Predictor, our Professional Services team will work with you to understand your business needs and how this product will fit into your existing operations. Hand-in-hand, we’ll work with you to implement it, integrate it into your current system, and customize it as needed to fit your business models and goals.

*Accurate as measured by correlation to traditional surface water engineering models as an F1 score.