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Varnish Custom Statistics

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A real-time statistics engine and traffic analyzer for Varnish Enterprise

Product Description

Varnish Custom Statistics (VCS) is a real-time statistics engine allowing you to aggregate, display and analyze user web traffic, for enhanced decision making and optimization of your Varnish web caching operations. VCS is extremely flexible, allowing you to define the grouping of statistics easily using Varnish Configuration Language (VCL). Whatever traffic you want to analyze, VCS can capture the relevant data, from page popularity to device type. VCS requires a Varnish Enterprise subscription.


  • Analyze everything - Supercharge your analytics and insights. VCS can count everything from page popularity and click count, to device type and location, via the unique logging available in Varnish by assessing the output of every handled request.
  • Real-time insights - Make decisions on the fly with quick and informative real-time analysis via the time-series API.
  • Easily integrated - with JSON data output VCS easily syncs with existing monitoring solutions.
  • Usage Instructions

    Access the application via a browser at http://[public_dns]:6555. The default password for username "vcs" is "". You can connect to the operating system and see contents in "/root/vcs_init_password". To connect to the operating system, use SSH and the username "ubuntu". For detailed usage instructions please view: Get Started


  • Get Started
  • How Varnish Custom Statistics works
  • The Book: Varnish 6 by Example
  • Support details

    Varnish Software offers a getting started online-session that includes an introduction to the software, best practices and tips. Cloud customers need to register to get access to software updates. Registration for updates and an online introduction is done by filling out the form available at

    Support is available through an additional subscription. Read about support services or contact for more details. System documentation is available at