VU Authentication Management Server SaaS - per user


VU Authentication Management Server SaaS - per user


Key on hand solution; services available through APIs; robust security controls

About VU

VU is a global cybersecurity company founded on the principle of providing trustworthy solutions for fraud prevention and identity protection, through user-friendly and frictionless experiences.

The Solution

VU Authentication Management Server is a solution that works as an authentication core. It can be embedded in almost any kind of technological environment--its multiplatform characteristics provide a wide integration capacity.

Main Benefits

· Flexible and personalized integration with the company's technological environment through any device with Internet access.

· Works as a simple and unified platform of multiple factors of authentication (MFA)

· Guarantees secure remote access.

· Can be integrated with OTP generators, device identifiers, context analyzers and multichannel hardware.

· Delegates the company's security, back-ups and maintenance to VU.

· Optimizes the investment and cost of both technical and human resources.

· Prevents phishing, pharming and identity theft.

Integration with Azure

VU Authentication Management Server is built to run on Azure infrastructures to allow clients an agile deployment with open integration methods. It will enable users to add MFA methods on different platforms deployed on Azure or on other legacy environments.