Introduction to MI on Azure- 3 Hrs Briefing


Introduction to Manufacturing Intelligence on Azure- 3 Hrs Briefing: leverage Azure data platform and a variety of analysis tools to help solve problems through AI judgment and prediction

 AI technology has been widely applied to optimize the process of Smart Factory, including the planning and selection of production lines and manufacturing methods, supply chain and logistics chain, customers, market and product development and design. But where to start? If you don’t know how to find the right tool or topic, you would end up investing a lot due to continuous try and mistakes, failing to achieve your goal.
 Therefore, to develop Manufacturing Intelligence, we suggest “start small!” Start from AI basic development courses and design thinking workshops, and develop AI "topics" worthy of investment first. Then leverage Azure data platform and its variety of analysis tools to accumulate data, and further use AI judgments and predictions for the process optimization. Through this briefing, we’ll have an overall introduction to Manufacturing Intelligence on Azure.

Agenda • Brief Introduction to Azure data platform • Applications of Azure Data Platform: Azure Data Factory, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Databricks… • Case Sharing: System structure of MI on Azure data platform • What services InfoFab can offer