Azure Readiness: 3 weeks assessment


3-week assessment to analyze the on-premise infrastructure for a migration to the Azure cloud considering the costs of the cloud infrastructure and its optimization

Cloud environments have positioned themselves as an indispensable variable in the business models of companies, due to the impact that this has on their operational, tactical and strategic development.

To successfully adopt the cloud and put the technology at the service of the needs of companies, it is necessary to have a global vision of the state of the current infrastructure. In this way, it will be much easier to make decisions and prioritize actions. The Azure Readiness Assessment designed by beServices offers a complete vision of the current infrastructure and its level of readiness for migration and/or transformation to Azure.

In this assessment we make a data collection of customer infrastructure, we check the dependencies betwenn onpremise server to create a migration groups, we will estimate the costs of the infrastructure in Azure (with the provisioned vs. optimized configuration) and make a TCO study to compare the onpremise infrastrcuture cost vs cloud cost.

Outline delivery;

  • Data collected
  • Dependecy Map
  • Azure Cost
  • Migration Cost
  • TCO Study

This app is only available in Spain