Adaptiv Integration Limited

adaptiv.educate is the second in a series of four workshops designed to help you to undertake your project with confidence, establish desired business outcomes, future goals and offer proof of value.

The strategic decision has been made. The business is moving ahead with an integration project to drive significant value from disparate but critically important applications. But the question is: 'What technologies and approach are best suited for your needs?'

Challenges: You’re overloaded with information on technology platforms, API management, and how to enforce consistency and security for your line-of-business, mobile and legacy applications, website and new systems. You've downloaded and read Microsoft whitepapers and watched the videos. But where to from here?

Solution: adaptiv.educate is a half-day technical product briefing designed to provide a deep dive into the technology platforms you are considering (and any others we feel have been overlooked). Ideal for IT Managers, Development Leads, Architecture Teams, Heads of Applications, CIOs and CDOs.

Outcome: By the end of the session you will understand what each of the technology platforms you are considering is capable of, the respective business benefits, potential cost savings and more.

We recommend adaptiv.educate as the next step once you have made the decision to leverage the value of integration and have chosen or shortlisted technologies.

A partner you can trust We're a New Zealand owned and operated consulting partner invested in helping you to leverage and extend the value of your existing business applications, not selling you new ones. We provide world-class integration and cloud technology consulting and execution services.

Value you can count on With over a decade of experience in delivering small- and large-scale integration for the enterprise, we add clear, repeatable and measurable value to our clients' bottom-line. That’s why we are the partner of choice for some of New Zealand’s leading organisations.

Confident decision-making This workshop will provide you with the in-depth knowledge and understanding required to make an informed and confident technology recommendation to the business decision makers in readiness to proceed to a detailed assessment of your environment and objectives.

Adaptiv and Microsoft

The cloud is changing the way we build and run software, but not all software will be in the cloud or in a single cloud.

Azure Integration Services enable you to build new integrated solutions in the cloud that leverage resources on-premises and cross-cloud. Services such as Functions, Logic Apps, API Management, and Service Bus provide you with the tools you need to integrate your existing applications and services and give you the scale and efficiency of Azure to run and manage them. This, combined with Azure DevOps, provides solid managed Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) for your applications.

Adaptiv is proud to be a Microsoft Solution Partner. We hold the highest possible levels of competency in Azure integration, development and DevOps.