AI Readiness Kick-Start: 4-Wk Workshops


Understand Your Organisation’s AI Readiness and Deliver Impact with the AI Readiness Kick-Start

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not new, but never before has it made such an impact on the way people and organisations work. With the expansion of generative AI services such as Azure OpenAI & ChatGPT, and embedded tools such as Microsoft Copilot, the competitive gap between organisations ready to adopt AI and those that are not, has created a large market divide. Business leaders can see that AI plays a role in their industry, but reaching successful adoption is not straight forward. This new era of AI brings with it new critical challenges and considerations. 


  • Articulate the AI Opportunity Inspired by the user-friendly efficacy of ChatGPT, many organisations understand that AI plays a role in their industry but struggle to define an applicable use-case for their specific business needs. Articulating the AI opportunity is crucial for use-cases to be properly evaluated and viable.

  • AI Analysis Paralysis Many organisations across all industries are teeming with AI opportunities and use-cases but are unsure how to prioritise and propel AI into wider adoption. Many organisations can become stuck in analysis paralysis, unable to make a firm decision on the best route forward on their AI journey.

  • Demonstrating Value from AI When organisations begin experimenting with AI, it can be challenging to demonstrate the value of AI proof of concepts and ensure feasibility. Organisations without significant data science or AI teams often lack the ability to tangibly deliver even simple use-cases, or build effective business cases for AI.

  • AI Adoption Lasting impact from AI requires a level of data maturity that can be challenging to achieve, and ill preparedness can lead to widespread disappointment in an AI commitment. Organisational adoption is crucial to ensure durable success with an established use-case.


  1. AI Impact Assessment This assessment looks to answer the question, “How will AI change our organisation?” We examine the key functions of the organisation and identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that AI could pose. This assessment will surface any key use-cases and also inform the AI strategy and the business operating model.

  2. AI Envisioning Using use-cases discovered through impact assessment and those potentially already circulating within the organisation, the AI Envisioning session is a deep dive into the context with key stakeholders from your organisation. This guided workshop will enable you to uncover key success metrics and challenges. Additionally, qualify resources and potential candidate solutions.

  3. AI Business Case Map the prioritised use-cases against the key value pillars, decision support, operational efficiency and innovation. Begin the process of structuring the business case for approval and internal alignment, with our guidance on how to build an impactful Azure AI business case.

  4. AI Strategy Wrap the knowledge gathered in the previous 3 engagements into a cohesive, estimated and unified AI Strategy, documenting the target operating model, security design, people and process required to deliver the outcomes. This overarching output will establish an actionable way forward on your responsible AI journey.


  • Understand the impact AI will have on your organisation and what steps you need to take to adopt securely and responsibly.
  • Learn how to transition a good idea into a great AI use-case.
  • Establish the fundamental tools and technical foundations to leverage Azure AI services.
  • Gain a clear, actionable plan which demonstrates how AI initiatives will bring value to our organisation now, and in the future.

The Adatis AI Readiness Kick-Start will extract the core use-cases applicable to the organisation and offer a viable plan to implement these using language and terminology that is coherent with each business department. To prove the feasibility of each use case, Adatis can demonstrate the impact via a proof of concept engagement that uses real world data to substantiate the initial business case. Start your Azure AI journey today!

Offering duration and cost dependant on customer requirements.