Azure OpenAI Envisioning Workshop


Make sense of Azure OpenAI and understand how the adoption of Azure OpenAI capabilities can turn your business use-cases into an impactful reality.

The Azure platform offers a plethora of innovative AI technologies, many of which are ground breaking in the quality of their insights but also the ease of implementation. However, none are as transformational as the arrival of OpenAI on Azure. Where previous services were trained for specific purposes, Azure OpenAI models can outperform the majority of these capabilities using purely natural language based queries. The exclusive partnership between Azure and OpenAI ensures a truly revolutionary platform for organisations.

Challenges: Organisations large and small can now wield the power of Generative AI in a short space of time and with this revolutionary platform comes a breadth of opportunities. However, the process of identifying and prioritising these use-cases is essential to ensure measurable business value. The following questions should be top of mind for organisations looking to capitalise on the AI revolution:

  • Which of our use cases are applicable for the use of Azure OpenAI?
  • Which ethical risks do we need to pay attention to and how do we mitigate them?
  • How can we ensure responsible use of a solution based on Azure OpenAI?
  • How do we adopt Azure OpenAI and where do we start on that journey?

Adatis can help organisations answer these questions and drive value with OpenAI

Our Approach: Adatis offers a structured approach to answering these questions and deciphering the key use-cases to help adopt Azure OpenAI. Starting with an introduction to the Azure OpenAI service, the half day workshop then progresses through the following stages: Listing each of the potential opportunities.

  • Contextualising each opportunity with the potential benefits to the organisation.
  • Identifying the evidence of these opportunities that resides in the business.
  • Capture the resources that may be required to deliver, e.g. data sets, knowledge, access.

Deliverables Following these activities, Adatis will advise on the priority of each use-case using a Boston Grid, showing the balance between implementation complexity and business impact. Adatis will support your organisation in identifying the most valuable use-cases, providing an actionable roadmap for adoption of Azure OpenAI. For these workshops Adatis recommends a cross-section of the business to attend, e.g. business leaders / decisions makers, source system experts, data engineers / analysts, subject matter experts.

Benefits Choosing Adatis to conduct this approach will offer your organisation:

  • Clear understanding of how the current challenges or opportunities can be solved through Azure OpenAI.
  • Prioritised list of actionable use cases that have clear value attached to them.
  • Overview of responsible Azure OpenAI best practice.
  • Implementation strategy with a clear path from start to finish.