Migration & Integration Framework: 1hr Briefing


Accelerate your integration and migration projects with our multi-purpose framework

For many organisations, digital transformation means doing more in the cloud. IT teams are frequently called upon to implement new, cloud-based applications, as well as move existing applications to the cloud. Data transformation is a key component of both types of project:

  • Application integration: Data from new cloud applications must be integrated with existing applications, to support end-to-end business processes & to enable timely availability of data

  • Data migration: Data from legacy, on-premises applications must be moved over to the new target system in the cloud environment, often in very large volumes.
The ability to deliver integration and migration projects is becoming increasingly important as organisations look to the cloud to deliver strategic advantage.

Applicable projects- The framework can slash the time and cost of integration and migration projects in many scenarios

  • Consolidating large application portfolio

  • Integrating back-end systems with new applications

  • Replacing a legacy system – on-premises or in the cloud

  • Running a legacy application in parallel with a new solution

  • Bringing together multiple infrastructures after mergers & acquisitions

  • Starting a new ecosystem from scratch after a demerger
Adatis has developed a single, multi-purpose technical framework & reference architecture to help you deliver integration & migration projects faster. The Adatis framework lets you perform data migration & application integration projects without having to develop multiple solutions or implement two sets of transformation logic.

During this free briefing call, we will cover:

  • Your current business challenges

  • An overview of the Adatis Framework

  • Benefits of the Adatis Framework

  • How our Framework can enable your Application Integration and/or Data migration project