Rapid Azure Sentinel Deployment:1hr Briefing


Deploy Azure Sentinel to integrate cyber security within your Azure environment and ensure “security by design “ of your organisation's data.

Microsoft Azure Sentinel delivers intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence across the enterprise (Azure and beyond), providing a single solution for alert detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting, and threat response. Deploying Azure Sentinel will ensure the “security by design” of your organisation’s data.

However, if you simply throw Azure Sentinel at the problem, you are likely to miss the critical exposures and run up an Azure consumption bill. The Adatis Cyber-Security Use Case methodology solves this by mapping specific business challenges and compliance requirements, for which you have exposure, to our SIEM and Azure Sentinel best practice library:

  • Reducing Data Ingest: Only take data from sources required to meet Use Cases including those outside of Azure where required

  • Reducing Cost: Minimising the data sources reduces the data ingestion and in turn, reduces the cost

  • Increasing Speed of ROI: Deploying cloud-native PAYG SIEM and focusing on Use Cases with buy-in means an immediate return on investment

By adopting this approach, we can break the problem down and help:

  • Understand your business cases

  • Prove the value of Azure Sentinel with Microsoft’s 31 day no cost trial

  • Roadmap how to extend your Azure Sentinel implementation to reach your cyber-security objectives

During this call, we will discuss your business challenges, our Use Case Methodology approach, and how we can help you prove the value Azure Sentinel