Azure Optimization Workshop

Advaiya Solutions Inc.

Our Cloud Optimization Workshop is designed to measure and discover what you have, create a plan to optimize and then implement a cost reduction and optimization strategy.

Cloud technology is at the fore front of digital transformation, here to enhance decision making, customer experience, business productivity, and innovation. Advaiya experts leverage cloud technology, like Azure and Microsoft 365, as a catalyst to solve critical business problems and create unparalleled opportunities to drive ROI for your business. We have created a Cloud Optimization Workshop tailored to key focus areas that align with core business objectives:

  1. Business strategy and tech alignment
  2. Azure tenant optimization
  3. Azure budget considerations
  4. Azure securities and policies Our experts will consult with your team to get a picture of where you stand today and create a plan for tomorrow. We have scripts and tools that you run in your Azure Tennant that will provide us with a general picture and insights It's critical to evaluate your current state to build a roadmap towards your future goals. Agenda: This Workshop will take 1 week to complete and will do following activities

Day 1 - Business strategy and tech alignment briefing o Understand current state of Azure environment and workloads which are running Day 2 - Infrastructure planning and strategy o Grasp a picture of what assets are currently under cloud and what should be migrated to the cloud. o Azure budget considerations – what costs are planned currently and what workloads to be migrated in future Day 3 - Azure tenant optimization o Check Azure tenant with automated tools and scripts and monitor, evaluate and identify areas for optimization and do effective cloud cost management Day 4 - Azure security and policies o Enhanced Security and Governance of your Azure environment

Day 5 - Full furnished report creation and presentation

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Prices vary based on the company´s size.