Causality 1-2-3: 3Wk Implementation


1-hour scoping call, 2-day workshops, 3 weeks of pilot solution creation Utilize real machine learning and AI to precisely identify the data points to act on that will effect change.

Causal AI provides a path to action. Outcomes are changed instead of just observing or predicting them (and creates a fundamental shift in value) through data engineering, digital twins, and machine learning. AgileThought has developed a program to help you quickly move from pilot to production.

With Causal AI we fetch through Data Factory, we transform data through Azure Databricks and store it in Azure Data Lake. Behavioral insights are unlocked from data through Microsoft Cognitive Services (Natural Language Processing, Decision, Search, etc.). Causality analysis is performed within the Azure ML Studio, utilizing Python and R built within Jupyter Notebooks that are hosted using Azure Compute. The Analysis is run through custom Azure Compute that optimizes for memory and high performance. Results are viewed on dashboards developed and hosted on Power BI and stored in Azure SQL.

Quickly fill the gaps between enthusiasm, deployment, and value Take a human-centric view of AI, so that machines can work successfully alongside your people to produce outcomes Bend your business curve and your inflexion point by finding new opportunities that fast-track market expansion Scale causal AI to proactively solve your biggest challenges