Energy and Sustainability Assessment for Cloud Infrastructure and Operations of Cooling Systems

Agitare Technologies, Inc.

A maturity assessment of your plant cooling systems IoT and Plant monitoring operations along with an on-site hardware inspection with recommendations to help you achieve your Sustainability objective

When you are on a path to CO2 neutrality, Agitare Technologies Inc. can help you accelerate your journey in achieving your business sustainability objectives. We help bring together sustainable IT and OT best practices to reduce direct and indirect CO2 emissions and help you achieve your net zero goals.

We can help you maximize the energy efficiencies from your plant’s cooling systems and optimize the use of your IoT operations, plant monitoring operation efficiencies, and cooling systems hardware.


An expert Sustainability assessment of your current Cloud application and IoT monitoring environments and an expert on-site inventory and energy assessment of your plant's cooling systems.

The assessment will be focused on the following areas:

Equipment Efficiencies

We will conduct an on-site audit of your current cooling equipment and provide an assessment of energy efficiency for each unit. As part of the audit, we will identify improvements for the unit maintenance schedule and provide recommendations for your aging and inefficient units to help you reduce your energy and maintenance costs.

IoT Operational Efficiencies

Review your current monitoring, alerting, and management practices for these cooling systems and identify ways to reduce unnecessary cloud infrastructure spending and its related direct and indirect associated emissions.

Plant Operations Efficiencies

Review your current cooling systems maintenance and monitoring operations and provide recommendations on how to incorporate modern IoT end point management and predictive analytics to ensure your cooling systems are running at optimal efficiencies while preventing unnecessary outages due to unit failures. (e.g., IoT device design and management, tenant isolation, security, software, and algorithms)


Companies pursue sustainability strategies for various reasons – to increase operational efficiency by reducing costs and waste; to protect and strengthen their brand and reputation and build public trust; to meet government regulations, and create a competitive advantage.

Example of assessment impacts on Sustainability: • Equipment Efficiencies: 60% to 80% reduction in energy usage per year
• IOT Operational Efficiencies: 30% to 50% reduction in cloud expenses using modern cloud infrastructure and services design • Plant Operations Efficiencies: 20% to 30% reduction in maintenance costs using Preemptive IoT/ML/Maintenance 4.0 practices

Agitare Technologies and Rittal, a global equipment manufacturer, are teaming up to deliver a service unlike any other!

How we conduct this 4-week assessment?

Sustainability Assessment – IoT and Plant Efficiencies

A Sustainability Assessment is conducted via a series of interviews with cloud IoT operations, plant operations, and business teams, where we will develop an assessment of the client's Cloud/ IoT maturity level and provide design recommendations and best practices optimized design methodology to help you meet your sustainability objectives.

Sustainability Assessment – Equipment Efficiencies

We provide an expert one-day onsite inventory and energy assessment of your plant cooling systems. We will collect information about your current cooling systems, which will be used to provide you with a details inventory of your systems, an estimate of your current energy spend, and observation and recommendations on maintenance improvement and unit upgrade strategies with ROI projections (costs, CO2/kWh reductions)

Note: This Audit is delivered by Rittal Service, and some limitations will apply (see Energy Assessment terms and conditions attachment).

Potential information collected includes unit location and machine number; model and serial number; manufactured date; unit setup (e.g., setpoint Temperature); incoming voltage; maintenance conditions; and alarms.

Deliverables Estimated for a 4-week engagement. • Sustainability Maturity Assessment of your businesses Equipment, Plant Operations and IOT Operations and improvement recommendations • Inventory Cooling Systems • Cooling Systems Energy Efficiency Analysis • Cooling Systems Service and Maintenance Improvements and Device Upgrade Recommendations

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