Strategic Data and AI Think Tank: 1-Day Workshop

AI Consulting Group

Identify ROI-based Data and AI adoption opportunities available through Azure AI and ML accelerators and practical next steps toward successful implementation.

The Strategic Data and AI Think Thank is a 1-day think tank with AI Consulting Group’s Management Consultant and Senior ML/AI Specialist with your organisation’s executives to align business value with AI opportunities, converge actionable priority lists, draw opportunity roadmap, identify business use cases and technology strategies to accelerate innovation progress.

The Opportunity Catalogue will present the potential integration of Azure ML & AI Accelerator to deliver your AI requirements through scalable Azure architectures, insightful Azure machine learning models, and our agile-scrum methodology.

Our facilitators draw upon principles of design thinking to expose innovation through idea generation, interaction, and rapid prototyping.

Target Audience:

  • Company executives
  • Innovation and product managers
  • IT professionals, data scientists
  • Engineers who are looking to apply or expand AI within their organization

Sample Agenda:

  • Opportunity and Innovation Workshop Introduction
  • Data and AI Introduction
  • Ideas to improve or leverage Top Cost Drivers and Revenue Drivers
  • Data Landscape Maturity Assessment
  • Workshop to understand quick wins and opportunities from a data perspective
  • Exploration with SMEs. Understand pain points and opportunities to exploit from the people that deal with them on a day-to-day basis.
  • Wrap Up and Next Actions
  • Opportunity Catalogue Presentation and Understanding Next Steps in Integration of Azure ML & AI accelerators.

Why AI Consulting: We are Machine Learning experts with some of the best consultants around the globe and happy clients from Australia to the Americas. Our Microsoft-certified data scientists will facilitate and assist in every stage of your growth. Our expertise includes machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, business intelligence, and advanced analytics.