Generative AI Consulting: 6-Wk Implementation

Aidan Health

Maximize decision-making, unlock data, optimize processes, & enhance experiences with Generative AI.

Empowering Decision-making with Generative AI Unlock the true potential of your data with Aidan Intelligence Portal, a powerful solution fueled by cutting-edge technologies like GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer). Say goodbye to cumbersome reports and inaccessible information. Aidan Intelligence Portal allows you to directly query your database, resulting in enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and data accessibility.

Type of User: Aidan Intelligence Portal is designed for organizations seeking to revolutionize their data analytics and decision-making processes. Data-driven enterprises, analysts, researchers, and professionals across industries can benefit from this innovative solution.

Customer Need Addressed: Are you struggling to extract valuable insights from textual documents like policies, 401K plans, and leases? Aidan's Generative AI is here to address this pain point. Our solution unlocks the hidden value within text data, converting and summarizing it for advanced analysis. By leveraging Generative AI, you can uncover deep insights and deliver impactful solutions to drive your business forward.

Architecture & Security: Built on the secure and scalable Microsoft Azure platform, Aidan Health understands the importance of data security. Your information remains protected within a dedicated Azure environment. To counteract concerns regarding data leakage in Large Language Models (LLMs), Aidan leverages Azure OpenAI with Reinforcement Learning Human Feedback (RLHF), ensuring a robust data security framework. Our unique architectural pattern, Retrieval Augmented Generation, ensures the confidentiality of your data and upholds existing security and authorization protocols.

Practical Applications: Generative AI opens up a world of possibilities for organizations across various domains. For example:

Document Analysis: Aidan's Generative AI can effortlessly scan hundreds of lease documents, automatically identifying key terms such as 'Maturity,' 'Annual payments,' and 'Debt covenants.' It can populate tables for analysis, allowing you to deliver prompt and accurate assurance services.

Data Conversion and Integration: Streamline the process of converting data from diverse sources into a format that is easily interpretable and analyzable. Our AI system can convert documents into a readable format, extract relevant information, and seamlessly integrate it into your target systems. This automation minimizes manual effort, enabling you to focus on providing strategic insights and value-added services to your clients.

Improved Service Delivery and Client Satisfaction: By harnessing the power of Generative AI, you can enhance your service delivery capabilities. Each piece of text data becomes a valuable asset, empowering you to gain insights, drive decision-making, and elevate overall client satisfaction. Embracing Generative AI positions your organization as a leader in delivering exceptional services across diverse industries.

Discover the transformative potential of Generative AI and unlock the full value of your text-based data. Aidan Intelligence Portal empowers organizations to optimize processes, drive efficiency, and elevate client experiences, propelling your success in the market.