Migrate To Azure AD: 3-Wk Implementation


Akvelon’s Migration Services will migrate your on-premises Active Directory to Azure Cloud Services

With Akvelon’s Migrations Services, we’ll ensure that your local Active Directory is migrated to Azure Active Directory Cloud Services as smooth, fast, and safe as possible.

Key Benefits

  1. High levels of scalability and availability with fewer efforts for related infrastructure maintenance or recovery from technical accidents
  2. Detailed security and activity reports that help to monitor application usage and protect your business from actual threats
  3. An ability to provide access to internal resources for partners outside the organization
  4. An ability to keep your sensitive data in your on-premises AD without moving it to Azure AD
  5. In some cases you can completely exclude maintenance of your own AD from business processes

How We Do It

  1. Understand client’s infrastructure and current AD state
  2. Configure DNS for client’s domain
  3. Set up synchronization of local Active Directory with Azure AD via Azure AD Connect


  1. Initial meetings with stakeholders to review client’s current infrastructure and identify the path to success
  2. Creating plan that will include specific scope that will need to be agreed with client to proceed further
  3. Azure infrastructure management
  4. Develop entire set of documentation (architecture, guides, how-tos)


  • Successful migration of Active Directory on Azure
  • Changes in your infrastructure based on the best practices of Azure Cloud Service
  • Cost calculations for new Azure infrastructure
  • Scripts, credentials, etc. necessary for maintenance
  • Documentation/guides on how to maintain your Azure AD


  • Price provided for migration local Active Directory with less than 1000 users
  • Azure subscription will be provided by client
  • Post-migration support options are available