SQL Server Health Check, 2 Weeks Implementation


SQL Health Check service optimizes database servers, identifies areas for improvement, and gives you access to suitable risk mitigation measures.

We’re a technology consultancy specialising in Microsoft data platform solutions. Our database administration experts are highly qualified and use their experience with automation to support client companies and solve their technological challenges. Since 2006, we have offered a trustworthy and results-oriented service, guiding our clients from initial consultations through to day-to-day operations.

The Azure SQL Health Check service consists in the total review of all systems involved in a database system to improve the performance and availability in the customer’s databases. This service makes special focus in those database systems migrated form on premises environment with a target in Azure, like Virtual Machines, Azure SQL Database, SQL Managed Instance, …

But not only focused in performance, our team check the licensing and the current cost of the environment, to help customers to save money in their systems located in Azure.

Our Health Check Service has different levels depending on the service scale, you can choose between Silver, Gold or Platinum Level.

The first option selected by our customers is Gold option which includes ordinary performance analysis, setting configuration analysis, fixing plan, change application and documentation.

In order to provide an efficient service, we carry out several tasks which allow us to obtain the necessary information to identify the main problems, as well as the changes that we must enter in the system.

Our methodology is divided in several phases which help to optimize the architecture in the server, the SQL service and the databases involved.