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Blockchain for Enterprise: 1-Day Workshop


An Instructor-Led Classroom Training for Non-Technical and Business Development Experts who learn how to build industry-tailored solutions using a wide range of blockchain frameworks.

Designed for non-technical experts in the fintech, insurance, and commodities domains, this intensive one-day course explores: * The means to overcome limitations of centralized systems * Innovative approaches and products built on blockchain * Industry-specific use cases of applying blockchain for insurance, commodities trading, and financial instruments * Action items and stages to launch a corporate blockchain initiative

Agenda: * Introduction to the blockchain technology * Public and permissioned blockchains * Workshop

The workshop provides an overview of the Hyperledger Project and its frameworks for business needs: Indy, Iroha, and Sawtooth. Then, the attendees will examine the Hyperledger Fabric v1.0 architecture: the network participants, elements, transactions processing, and smart contracts functioning.

At the workshop, you will also explore industry-specific use cases of employing blockchain for banking, finance, investments, OTC market, standardised trading, syndicated loan, insurance, supply chains, pharmaceuticals, and shared services. Experts at Altoros will also share their experience in building blockchain-based solutions—a Flight Delay DApp and a platform for automating bond issuing worth $10M.

Deliverables * The understanding of how the Hyperledger frameworks serve multiple functions in various industries and can help to make projections for your business. * With a demo network developed for a real-life use case, practical experience in deploying the Hyperledger Fabric network, managing roles and permits. * The understanding of how network participants interact and how smart contracts fulfill their functions * Practical experience in transactions processing and maintaining a distributed ledger.

Whether you are a startup or a Global 2000 enterprise, these training class can help you build a defensible and sustainable competitive advantage.

USD 5,000 per onsite team training. The pricing applies to teams (20 attendees max).