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Cloud Foundry Enablement: 10-Wk Implementation


Get a full-scale, production-ready Microsoft Azure installation deployed to the cloud infrastructure of your choice, with all required integrations set up and configured.

Altoros will take care of the platform’s deployment repeatability and performance optimization, brokering, and support of the backing services your applications rely on.


Week 1. Planning and Evaluation: * Gather requirements and determine objectives * Evaluate existing infrastructure, services, apps, workflows, and overall technology choices * Scope and backlog planning, setting the priorities * Suggest improvements if necessary

Week 2–3. Platform Enablement: * Design a standard Cloud Foundry deployment on the customer’s target infrastructure in accordance with customer’s requirements * Enable three standard Cloud Foundry services chosen from a list of currently available service brokers: Redis, MariaDB, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Cassandra, etc.

Week 4–6. App replatforming: * Evaluate the existing applications and make a shortlist of candidate apps that will require least effort to deploy to Cloud Foundry * Choose a single application that will require the least effort to deploy to Cloud Foundry * Deploy the application to Cloud Foundry * Run acceptance tests

Week 7–9. Log Management: * Determine what log and event feeds must be connected to a log management solution, how much logging data will be generated, scalability requirements, etc. * Plan a backlog of activities * Deploy and configure a logging solution * Create documentation

Week 10–12. Monitoring: * Gather requirements to metrics data that must be collected and monitored, what parts of the system will be monitored, etc. * Plan a backlog of activities * Deploy and configure a set of components to monitor the platform, its services, and apps * Create documentation

Week 13 Backups: * Compose a basic disaster recovery plan * Implement basic backup procedures * Create documentation, describing backup procedures

We help companies reach their digital transformation goals through enablement, hardening, and operation of Cloud Foundry installations, including implementations for PaaS providers.