Cloud Assessment - 2 Week

Applaudo Studios S.A. de C.V.

Applaudo is an Impact company that helps rethink, retool, redesign, redeploy and modernize your infrastructure to Microsoft Azure cloud with a focus on making the world a better place.

Digital transformation as we’ve all come to know it is tablestakes in this digital age. Companies MUST find partners that can elevate them with a level of tech intensity to craft a Cloud Strategy that is powered by logic and that can help you solve your customer’s biggest problems with technology. Securely unlock your company's potential using Microsoft experts to best position your company using the Microsoft Cloud Platform.

Assess: DevOps experts from Applaudo will give an assessment through discovery and needs assessments.

Migration: Come up with a plan for migration for an optimized cloud infrastructure that will take into account your current application portfolio and give you a gameplan for action with a phased approach.

Roadmap in Reality: A truth based roadmap, and by truth we mean giving a hard look at tech debt already invested, what future state needs to be and what realistic timelines would be to implement a comprehensive cloud strategy.

Return on Investment: A comparison-look at your current app/services portfolio, including enterprise licenses and the cost benefit of your cloud strategy. Cost benefit calculations per architecture, design, dependencies, security and operational lenses.

DELIVERABLES Documentation from assessment will include: High level infrastructure map, migration schedule, resource requirements and phased cloud modernization plan.