Innovation Jumpstart: 10-day Proof of Concept

Applied Information Sciences

Bring to life your vision of an impactful application by leveraging microservices, AI, big data, and more. AIS will help you design and prove out an initial app on Azure.

Innovation Jumpstart is a 2-6-week engagement that helps customers quickly achieve tangible business outcomes by creating a clear technical roadmap for digital innovation and providing a “ready-to-execute” plan for bringing these new digital capabilities to life.​

We begin with a discovery workshop to identify your priorities and desired business outcomes. At the end of the engagement, you will receive a customized blueprint for digital innovation directly supporting your prioritized business goals. Examples could be: ​

  • Rapid prototype and solution architecture for a new digital experience​
  • Reference architecture for an intelligent data platform to support AI- or IoT-enabled applications​
  • Proposal for DevOps adoption and change management​
  • Recommended paths for modernizing an existing application and/or APIs
  • Mainframe innovation opportunities

Following the workshop, an App of the Future engagement can help demystify, educate, and inspire clients to build cloud-native applications by solutioning and prototyping your vision. A Senior Azure Application Architect will quickly gain an understanding of the client's problem domain. Then through event storming sessions, rapid prototyping, and joint design sessions, we will translate the problem domain to a solution built on top of Azure.

The focus here is to understand microservices, how to scope microservices, and how to implement microservices on the Azure platform. We will also provide education on the relationship between microservices and big data.


  • DDD and Distributed Architecture Training
  • Cloud-Native Deep Dive
  • Event Storming session with capability mapping and high-level event-driven sequence diagrams
  • Design workshop to identify key scenarios
  • Joint Application Design session to create a recommended solution
  • Rapid prototype to illustrate key solution functionality
  • Software architecture blueprint

Microsoft may offset the engagement cost for qualified projects. See full terms and conditions to learn more.