GitHub Migrations Done Right - 5 Week Implementation


Accelerate your DevOps modernisation to GitHub with Arinco's Migration Done Right framework

Modernising and migrating your existing application or infrastructure code and pipelines to the best of breed platform can be challenging for organisations. With Arinco’s deep expertise in GitHub, DevOps technologies, Microsoft Azure, and as an accredited GitHub Migrations partner we make this easier for you using our Migration Done Right framework as per below:

  • Weeks 1, 2 - During the initial discovery phase Arinco leads you through workshops, assesses the state of your source code and pipelines, provides a readiness report and solution design to ensure key current state and future state is captured. These activities are - templated ensuring you gain quick insights and confidence early on in the engagement.
  • Weeks 3, 4 - Following an initial dry run migration, Arinco provides the tooling and processes to programmatically migrate batches of your source data at-scale to GitHub followed by post-migration testing, pipeline uplifts, and modernisation activities based on the solution design. Watch from the sidelines, or participate in shadowing sessions hosted by our consultants, as we progress your DevOps repository and pipeline migration end to end.
  • Week 5 - The final week will see Arinco hosting knowledge transfer activities with your support team and handing over our documentation and guidelines for sound operational support of GitHub.

This is our Migrations Done Right framework which has proven successful for our customers time and time again.

Note: This offer estimate is based on the assumption of in-scope migration items being approximately: 10 repositories and 5 pipelines.

This engagement is relevant if you;

  • Looking for guidance with GitHub onboarding and migration paths for code and pipelines
  • Have legacy DevOps tooling to modernise onto a platform developers trust​
  • Want to make the leap from your current DevOps tooling
  • Could benefit from a roadmap to GitHub’s rich feature set to automate and secure your code to help identify, resolve, and prevent security vulnerabilities as early as possible
  • Are planning to leverage Microsoft Azure as a target cloud for applications and infrastructure with GitHub as your premier CI/CD platform