HIGHLIGHTER: Data Literacy - 8 week customized workshops & data literacy days.

Ascent Software Ltd.

Demystify the world of data for your team & enabling leaders to understand the language & potential of their data - this is for Executive, Senior Leaders, Business Owners & Data Leaders.

Working closely with you, we design and deliver a data literacy education program for your Leadership and Management Teams. Whilst content and structure may vary, these are typically interactive sessions where we use industry-relevant case studies to inspire the audience around their potential for generating value from data. The program is typically delivered in-person at leadership or management sessions.

We have a variety of sequential, interrelated modules covering a wide range of content including, but not limited to, the following:

Never mind the Buzzwords - dispelling the fear & confusion around data terminology (1-2 hour session) The Language of Analytics - creating a common language to support collaboration around value-managed data initiatives leveraging Azure. (series of short, small group workshops) Data as an Asset - helping to understanding the way in which data is managed in a compliant & appropriate manner as an example leveraging Azure Purview (seminar) Ideating with Data - exploring the way in which data and analytics can add value to an organisation. (1-2 hour workshop) Exploring Data Opportunities - making use of expert led roundtable discussions to surface potential high-value initiatives (1-2 hour session) Developing Data Products - enabling attendees to identify & critically evaluate ideas in a "Dragon's Den" environment (1-2 hour workshop) Building on a Data-Driven Business - understanding the mechanics of creating a more data-driven organisation (series of presentations and guided discussion) Inspired by Industry Leaders - inviting data leaders from relevant industries to inspire the audience on their data journey (panel discussion)

By the end of the programme, you will be confident discussing data capabilities and how they relate to your organisation & be able to critically evaluate and present data-driven business opportunities in a way that ensures buy-in from stakeholders.