CloudTrack Strategy Introduction: 2 Hour Workshop

Atea A/S.

A free introductory workshop that introduces the customer to Atea’s CloudTrack framework and the first step on their cloud journey & beyond – CloudTrack Strategy.

Organizations move to the cloud to become more agile and to deliver better and more innovative products and services faster to the market. But how should your organization connect cloud initiatives with measurable business outcomes? What is the right way for your organization to approach a move to the cloud?

Atea CloudTrack Strategy is created to ensure that you have a clear and well-defined scope and strategy for this journey. By utilizing key components from Microsoft’s Well-Architected Framework and Enterprise Scale, Atea’s vast experience as an Azure Expert MSP partner, as well as our consultant’s specializations on CAF’s Strategy, Plan, Ready and Adopt Phases we will help to establish the company strategy, align it with the organizational strategy and IT strategy, and build you a cloud strategy according to Azure best practices.

CloudTrack Strategy Introduction workshop serves as an introduction to the CloudTrack framework (Atea’s way of delivering journey to the cloud) and is used to determine prerequisites and key information that is needed to proceed to the full CloudTrack Strategy Document Creation Workshop.

Workshop Agenda:

  • Introduction to CloudTrack
  • High level discussion on customers motivations for moving to the cloud.
  • Discussion on customers current cloud strategy
  • Identifying key stakeholders
  • Q&A and next steps


As an outcome of this workshop, the customer will receive a report summarizing the findings from the workshop. The resulting report will be used as a source of prerequisite information for the next step of the journey - CloudTrack Strategy Documentation Workshop where a detailed Cloud Strategy document is developed.