Free Azure Migration: 2-day Assessment


Assessment of current data management environment and strategic recommendations to effectively migrate to Azure.
Atmosera has developed a customer-proven assessment practice that ensures the accurate correlation between a customer’s needs and the optimal Microsoft cloud solution. ### Our expert cloud assessment delivers a clear roadmap with options to make informed decisions: * Evaluate workloads and performance data * Workshop to prioritize business needs and understand tradeoffs Engineered for future needs * Multiple options to choose from * Up to 2 days of assessment work Industry-Leading Assessment * Shorten decision times * Ensure successful deployments * Improve business outcomes Expert Recommendations * Validate that Azure can deliver on your needs * Benefit from intelligence gathered from your existing workloads * Select with confidence the right set of Microsoft Cloud offerings A Plan that Delivers * Save an average of 20% when optimizing workloads * Eliminate any surprises and cost overruns * Accelerate the delivery of new services