Migrate and Modernize Your Data Estate: 2-week Assessment


Take your Data Estate to the Azure cloud and scale, at lower cost, with Atmosera

You know you need to move your Data Estate into the cloud to take advantage of the latest technologies and leave behind the constraints of existing on-premises systems. Migrating to Azure opens a broad set of new horizons for your data, security, business intelligence capabilities, and much more. Limitless scale for your data at rest, a variety of the latest and best performing data engines, and artificial intelligence and machine learning opportunities would now be at your fingertips. So how do you get started? There are many new choices available as well as the ones your team is already familiar with. Should you stick with what your team knows best or immediately shift to the latest modern technologies and platforms in the field? And how should each of these options be leveraged for your workloads?

In this Assessment, Atmosera will guide you through these questions. Whether planning an initial migration to Azure, or re-architecting after an earlier lift-and-shift, Atmosera will help you design a modern architecture complete with DevOps best practices as well as a go-forward migration plan – ensuring solutions that apply best to your specific business needs.

The output from this engagement will be a detailed Assessment document covering infrastructure, DevOps, security, migration plans, tool-specific best practices, data lake design, pipeline architecture, data modeling, and more depending on your particular situation. Whether your solution centers around Azure Synapse, Databricks, or another database technology, build confidence in your solution before your migration by partnering with Atmosera.

You can select from two main options:

  • A data estate centered around Azure Synapse Analytics – leveraging limitless storage with Data Lake, the massively parallel processing power of Dedicated SQL Pool, no-code / low-code Synapse Pipelines, Spark Pools, and pay-as-you-go Synapse Serverless SQL.

  • A data estate centered around Databricks – leveraging limitless storage with Data Lake as well as the latest in industry leading analytics engine Apache Spark. Utilize Databricks’ proprietary enhancements and collaborative notebooks to code complex big data pipelines.

Atmosera is a Microsoft Azure Migration Partner and an Advanced Specialization partner in Azure Analytics, the highest recognition possible from Microsoft. We were awarded the IAMCP Worldwide Microsoft Channel Partner of the year in 2018 and 2022, and in 2019 we won the MSUS Partner Award for Intelligent Cloud. You can’t be in better hands than with Atmosera.