Azure Secure Cloud Network Professional Services - Build and Configure: 5 Day Implementation

Aviatrix Systems, Inc.

Aviatrix Azure Secure Cloud Network Infrastructure build and configure service is a 5-Day implementation engagement providing configuration of the Aviatrix platform and native Azure infrastructure

Cloud migration is no longer a technology decision, it’s a business decision. Decisions around cloud strategy have moved beyond the white board to the board room. Enterprises that have dominated their industries—financial services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, technology and more—are facing serious competition from digital upstarts that have developed their business and operational models exclusively in the cloud.

To fight this epic battle, change is happening fast, companies are “cloudifying” their operations to achieve the agility and speed that data center operational models simply cannot support. This digital transformation effort includes migrating or refactoring application workloads to Microsoft Azure.

Our build and configure professional services simplifies enterprise cloud migrations to Azure while leveraging our platform to deliver the agility and cloud operational model enterprise teams expects from cloud, with the visibility and security they require. The Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform consists of a centralized controller that is multi-cloud aware and intelligent cloud routers called gateways. By bringing a data plane into Azure, you get more control over traffic and can introduce intelligent routing. Since the platform is cloud-native, it can seamlessly integrate and orchestrate Azure services like Azure Load Balancers, Network Security Groups and User Defined Routes.

Aviatrix Advanced Cloud Service Providers provides a range of Professional Services to accelerate your cloud deployment by leveraging Aviatrix engineers and architects to Build and Configure an Azure multi-region and multi-cloud native networking data plane. Our experienced staff will build, configure, and deploy the foundation of a multi-region and multi-cloud native secure networking data plane integrating with native Azure constructs homogenizing and extending your Azure constructs with advanced functionalities.

Common Scenarios for Build & Configure services:

  • New Azure Deployments
  • Automation Projects and Driving DevOps adoption in Azure
  • Modernize security and defend against threats
  • Secure Azure, hybrid and multi cloud deployments
  • Protect and govern sensitive data
  • Build a Secure Cloud Network as a foundation for Modernizing VDI to Azure Virtual Desktop

What's Included:

  • Initiate the Pre-Build phase to implement the management infrastructure by launching the Aviatrix Controller in Azure
  • Implement Aviatrix Co-Pilot, if specified, for DAY 2 global visibility, control, operations, and governance for Azure and multi-cloud networks.
  • Professional Services staff will build and configure the VNets per the design document for transit networking, including:
    • Implement High Availability Transit Gateways for Azure multi-region and inter-cloud peering *Implement Aviatrix Gateways for spoke VNet architecture
    • Integrate Aviatrix Firewall Networks (FireNet) into the network
  • Implement Aviatrix transit peering (multi-region and inter-cloud)
  • Utilize Terraform or Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Infrastructure as Code (IaC) deployment automation as appropriate.

Outcomes and Deliverables:

  • End State Azure Architecture diagrams
  • Detailed Design Documentation including assets and implementation details

Aviatrix Difference:

Aviatrix leverages a standard methodology for every professional services project. Our PS engagement framework has been developed leveraging many years of industry experience and countless customer engagements. Our PS engagements offer standard project management, thorough discovery and planning as well as automation to expedite deployments and minimize both risk and downtime.

Most projects leverage automation code that is jointly developed with the customer and utilized to discover, build, migrate and validate the customer architecture. During any customer project, Aviatrix will leverage our existing IaC GitHub repository and automation expertise to lead the automation effort and to address each customer’s unique requirements.