Azenix AKS Accelerator - 4 Week Implementation

Azenix Pty Ltd.

Accelerate Application Modernisation with Kubernetes on Azure

Azenix has developed a framework that will accelerate your organisation's ability to adopt Kubernetes on Azure. This is suitable for clients of all sizes and regulatory requirements. At Azenix we believe in giving you the choice, by offering this framework in both Bicep and Terraform. Additionally, this offering plugs into Azenix’s Azland offering to really bootstrap you into Azure.

Once engaged we will work with a cross functional team from your organisation (the likes of Architecture, Engineering and Security) through our assessment, design and implementation phases which will deliver a Kubernetes platform that will accelerate your app modernisation adoption on Azure. The Phases:

  1. Assessment - Workshops designed to understand your objectives and identify a potential MVP app to uplift, understand points of connection for the Kubernetes deployment and identify where Kubernetes will be deployed.
  2. Design - Get into the nuts and bolts of the Kubernetes Platform Design, tweaking and focusing on the core components and requirements to get started.
  3. Implementation - This will involve picking a Infrastructure as Code (IaC) capability and working alongside our team to deploy the Kubernetes Platform either inside an existing Azure Landing Zone or part of a wider implementation of Azenix’s Azland solution accelerator.

Azenix’s Kubernetes Platform is perfect for customers:

  1. Looking to accelerate their Application Modernisation strategy
  2. Who are comfortable with deploying applications within a containerised solution
  3. Who are familiar with DevOps and supporting approaches

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