Azure Cost Management Assessment: Hourly consulting service


The goal of Azure Cost Management Assessment is to review your costs, observe trends on how these costs change in the financial planning process, and estimate your future expenses.

Nowadays, businesses face the challenge of optimizing cloud costs. It is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to maintain cost transparency and accurately forecast cloud-related costs as they increase their cloud spending. It's common for companies to lack an in-depth understanding of software licensing and prefer on-demand consumption when it comes to software-related cloud challenges. The client is likely to spend over budget on cloud-related expenses with this cost model. This cost model can lead to overspending on cloud-related expenses due to duplicates, incorrectly-sized resources, and unused resources. The goal of a cost management strategy is to continually review your costs, observe trends on how these costs change in the financial planning process, and estimate your future expenses. Monitoring cloud consumption and cost trends continuously allows you to spot contraventions in the cost-management model and fix them quickly before they become a problem.

We will perform a detailed analysis: • Utilize all Azure-relevant cost optimization tools; such as Right Sizing, Service Tiers, Usage Patterns, Reservations, etc. to maximize savings. • Adaptable to future Azure pricing and resource types • explore all possible Azure benefits and incentives programs such as; Azure Hybrid Benefit, Azure reservations, Saving Plans.


  1. Detailed report containing insights into your current Azure usage and understanding dependencies
  2. Cost optimization opportunities and savings recommendations on how to decrease costs immediately
  3. Develop a flexible cost model that fits your needs and predicts future expenses

Aztek is Israel’s most experienced software license planner and implementer Every one of our customers works with a designated Aztek Account Manager, who helps them define their specific needs and implement their optimal license agreements, from both an operational and financial standpoint. We help our clients meet their present and future needs, while conducting a periodical examination of all licensing agreements, so that we can adapt them to changing business realities.

Our Licensing Experts Will Help You: • Define Organizational Needs - Our licensing advisors will help you assess your needs, so that you can purchase the licenses that best promote your organization's goals. • Save Money - We'll help you choose the software you need and get rid of the ones you don't. We will also offer bargain prices, negotiate on your behalf and provide bulk discounts. • Work More Effectively - Multiple software platforms and versions can cause communication problems and increase resource spending. Our experts will help you clean the slate and work better.

Our Types of License Agreements: • Enterprise Agreement (EA) - A 3-year volume-based license package. You select its specific contents and pay in advance for one year. The larger the volume, the larger the discounts. • Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) - A monthly-based, pay-for-what-you-use arrangement. Highly flexible and transparent. • Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) - Ideal for organizations that wish to provide end users with Microsoft-based services, such as hosting, infrastructure, and more. • Licenses For Specific Market Sectors - Aztek provides licenses for specific business sectors, from education institutions to government entities. • Licensing options for Independent Software Vendors - License Microsoft products and integrate them into a software business application.