Adobe for Azure - Customer Data Platform: 10wk imp


BitBang simplifies the creation of your Customer Data Platform on Azure, preparing the Adobe Analytics DataFeed for analysis and integration with other sources, leveraging the new Open Data Initiative

The connector allows the automated import of all clickstream and online behaviour data from Adobe Analytics to Microsoft Azure. The connector translates and prepares the Adobe Analytics Data Feed to be joined with CRM or ERP data within Microsoft Azure Data Lake, through the customer identity resolution.

In that way you will be able to integrate all customer data sources, offline or digital, in order to create a 360° view of the customer experience in a real Customer Data Platform.

The implementation project consists of 5 steps:

  1. Ingestion: mapping and automation of the ingestion of the data, starting with Adobe Analytics Data Feed

  2. Transformation: aligning of sources at the customer level and process of structured and unstructured data

  3. Reconciliation: identification of every customer by a high-level key

  4. Orchestration: creation of pipelines that exploit historical data in a “lookback period”

  5. Insights: creation of dynamic insights, made available for real time decisioning and actionability tools

Building the customer journey through all interactions enables the application of advanced analysis with Databricks and discover complex omnichannel patterns in customer behaviour.

The final outcome is a system that enriches your CRM data in Dynamics, improves data intelligence with Power BI, but also enables actionability with one-to-one personalization with Adobe Target and marketing automation with Adobe Campaign or any other tool within the organization.

The price is estimated because the effort required depends on the number of data sources to connect to the Customer Data Platform both in input and output (eg Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft PowerBI, SAP, ...)