Digital Marketing OneView 1-day Assessment Offer


A single view to measure multi-channel marketing campaign effectiveness.

The measurement of overall digital campaign effectiveness across a multitude of online channels is a challenge many Marketing Departments face.

Digital Marketing OneView professional services framework leverages Microsoft Azure to unify campaigns into a single view, facilitating the measurement of the return on investment per campaign and against a range of online engagement, conversion and cost-effectiveness targets.

Key Benefits:

  1. Analytical Repository of all digital marketing campaigns
  2. Transparent Marketing ROI
  3. Unprecedented Insight to overall campaign effectiveness
  4. Consolidated view across entire digital portfolio
  5. Leverage Microsoft Azure Synapse, Azure Machine Learning, Databricks and Power BI to deliver a unified analytics solution

Our unique 1-day assessment offer includes:

  1. A half-day discovery workshop, collaborating with your team to review your current marketing systems landscape.
  2. A roadmap covering recommendations to assist in your journey to establish a single, consolidated view of cross-channel marketing activities.