Market Share SmartView 1 day Assessment Offer


Utilise Machine Learning to identify the potential of new markets and gain deeper insight to optimise your Market Share.

To truly understand the success of a business requires a view of their share of a market. This introduces the need to quantify the market potential by geographic area using market demographics and existing customer and sales data.

Market Share SmartView combines the power of Azure, Machine Learning and Power BI to provide actionable insight to businesses, allowing them to prioritise their field sales activity, direct marketing initiatives and investment in extending a branch network.

Key Benefits:

  1. Consolidated view of performance across a geography and a branch network
  2. Azure Machine Learning model discovers “look alike” potential market areas
  3. Visualize performance against benchmark and market potential
  4. Leverage Microsoft Azure Synapse, Azure Machine Learning, Databricks and Power BI to deliver a unified analytics solution

Our unique 1-day assessment offer includes:

  1. A half-day discovery session, collaborating with your team to identify key areas of market share insight.
  2. A roadmap covering recommendations to assist in your journey to leverage ML to discover market share opportunities.