Azure Data Warehouse Migration Assessment

Blackstraw L.L.C.

A tailored 2-week assessment program designed to provide you with accelerated guidance and a comprehensive roadmap for a successful Data Warehouse migration to Azure

Accelerate Your Data Warehouse Migration to Microsoft Azure 2-Weeks Migration Readiness Assessment Program

Is your enterprise ready to propel its data warehouse into the future by migrating to the powerful Microsoft Azure Cloud platform? At Blackstraw, we offer a personalized 2-week assessment program designed to provide you with accelerated guidance and a comprehensive roadmap for a successful migration journey.


Migrating an on-premise data warehouse is no small feat for enterprises. Without the right strategies and methods, the process can be fraught with complications, leading to increased development time and costs.

Do any of the below migration challenges sound relevant to you?

  • Re-designing the on-premise data model to suit to Azure Data Warehouse (ADLS Gen2 & Synapse Analytics)
  • Moving large volumes of data to Azure with complex data transformation in the ETL process
  • Lack of data quality checks in place to validate data in the Data Warehouse
  • Is the data warehouse fault tolerant and supports disaster recovery?

Don’t let the complexities of migration impede your progress. Our team of seasoned experts specializes in delivering flawless data warehouse solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform, ensuring a streamlined and cost-effective migration experience.


As a trusted provider of Data Engineering & AI Solutions, Blackstraw is well-equipped to handle your data warehouse migration. Our team of data experts will collaborate with you to design and execute a holistic migration project or provide support at any stage of an ongoing migration. Our comprehensive approach to Microsoft Azure migration includes:

  • In-depth analysis of your existing data warehouse to assess migration requirements
  • Tailored selection of migration strategies to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency
  • Identification and implementation of cutting-edge migration tools and technologies
  • Seamless execution of the target architecture on the Microsoft Azure platform
  • Provision of a dedicated team of experts throughout the migration process


We understand that every migration project is unique, and the complexity of your data warehouse structure directly impacts the timeline and pricing. Through a meticulous design analysis, we will determine the optimal approach that aligns with your specific requirements. Our goal is to provide tailored solutions that ensure a successful migration experience.

What You’ll Receive:

  • A comprehensive migration plan outlining milestones, timelines, and deliverables
  • Expert guidance and support from our specialized team of architects, developers, and data engineers
  • Ongoing assistance and troubleshooting during the migration process for a smooth transition


During our 2-week assessment program, we will engage in detailed consultations to gain a deep understanding of your specific requirements. Together, we will address any challenges you currently face and outline the next steps for your data warehouse migration.

Our assessment program will cover the below activities:

  • Assess the existing landscape
  • Data warehouse profiling & resource requirements
  • Issues impacting DW migration & performance
  • Skills identification

Program outcome:

  • Defining your migration goals
  • Migration approach
  • Readiness assessment report

Upon engaging our services for the migration projects, we will assemble a dedicated implementation team comprising experts from various BI domains, including business analysts, DWH/ ETL developers, BI architects and quality assurance professionals.

Contact us today to schedule your 2-week assessment program and take the fast track towards a successful data warehouse migration.