Azure RedHat OpenShift Design: 8Wk Implementation

BlakYaks limited

BlakYaks provide a design services for enterprise grade deployments of Azure RedHat Openshift (ARO) with security, compliance, automation and eco-system tools, processes included

Azure Redhat Openshift (ARO) is a comprehensive solution for hosting container workloads at scale on Microsoft Azure. Getting the ARO design right is a key step before production workloads and services are deployed. BlakYaks have established enterprise-grade designs, patterns and frameworks that help prepare a customer for deploying ARE safely and securely and ready to be managed at any scale.

This engagement provides a comprehensive high-level design that includes core eco-system technologies, processes, policies and an operational framework. The deloverables and outcomes include but are not limited to the following:

  • Creation of a working proof of value lab with the following core components: ** Azure Redhat Openshift ** Hashicorp Terraform ** Helm charts ** Azure DevOps

  • High level design including but not limited to: ** Azure architecture ** Azure Redhat Openshift container platform (clusters, pods, nodes) ** Operational processes ** Policies and controls ** RBAC model ** Tagging strategy ** Security and compliance configuration ** Organisational design that highlights key aspects required to deliver on the platform processes.

The customer outcome would be a working lab that informs the design process and a high level design document covering all the tenets an enterprise would expect in a quality design.