Azure Databricks: Two Week Demand Forecasting for Retail Supply Chain PoC

Blueprint Technologies LLC

Accelerate demand forecasting experimentation on Azure Databricks with Blueprint's Retail Demand Forecasting accelerator.

Enhance the effectiveness of your organization's demand forecasting with Blueprint's Retail Demand Forecasting accelerator for Azure Databricks. This accelerator is a fully functional data science notebook, designed to help customers quickly go from whiteboard to proof-of-concept (PoC) in less than two weeks on Azure Databricks.

Providing accurate, long-term forecasting is a very powerful strategy for organizations to take advantage of better planning and take proactive actions accordingly. The goal of this accelerator is to save weeks or months of development time for your data engineers and data scientists by providing an accelerator for demand forecast modeling leveraging Azure Databricks.

Key Benefits

Discover hidden patterns of periodicity in your data. Take advantage of a longer period of forecasting time while keeping the predictive performance accurate. Jumpstart your demand forecasting experimentation with pre-built code and sample data.

To get started, download the accelerator code from our Github repository.