AKS Java Migration Package: 6-Wks Implementation

BoxBoat Technologies

Migrate your legacy Java app to the cloud using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Do it safely, properly, and with less surprises.

Have legacy Java apps that you want to migrate to Azure? Do you want to do it the right way?

You're running enterprise J2EE applications, Open/WebSphere Liberty apps, Sprint Boot, JBoss EAP, WebLogic, or simply Tomcat apps on-premises. They're difficult to maintain. Developer onboarding is a pain, and it takes a while. So, you want to containerize these apps, move them to the cloud. However, you have done your research, and you understand that you can run these apps on Kubernetes. Now you are looking at migrating these apps to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

But, you also understand that AKS is complex. You know that your organization will want to place additional controls for proper governance, security, compliance, and/or redundancy.

Start your Java migration with a solid foundation.

First, meet with our experts to understand your current state, your enterprise, and what you want the future to be. Second, create an enterprise-ready cluster. Our Azure and Kubernetes solutions architects can walk you through the design implications of using Kubernetes at the enterprise. Third, work with our DevOps engineers to finish containerizing your application and establish CI/CD, the modern way.

Here's how it works: