Cloud Migration Assessment - Basic Plan

BPS (Business Products & systems)

This assessment covers an evaluation and analysis of your current environment to generate the best, cost-effective plan to move your workload to the Azure Cloud.

For every organization planning to move and benefit from the cloud. We offer a free Cloud Migration Assessment to help you assess your current environment and prepare the most cost-effective migration option. Our Base Plan includes 3 phases. First phase Assess: A team of Azure experts will assess your environment to get a complete view of your current workloads. We will use a tool that will scan the environment and generates a report that we will analyze. Our team will then prepare the needed mapping and generate the most efficient plan. We will meet with you to explain our report and assessment. Second phase Plan: using the output of the 1st phase containing an analysis and mapping of your server’s environment, we will help you optimize your current workloads and applications, highlighting the benefits. Third step Decide: based on your priority we will provide an Azure move along with the monthly cost in an updated final report. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the cloud, and we have supported numerous organizations assess and migrate successfully and smoothly. Note: this consultancy service is available for the middle east only and covers 12 hours advisory work spanned across 2 weeks.