Sentinel: 3-Day Workshop

Bridewell Consulting Limited

Mitigate threats, and work with Bridewell's leading cloud security specialists to develop a roadmap to drive improvements in your Sentinel deployment.

Bridewell’s 3 Day Microsoft Sentinel Workshop helps organisations make the most of the Sentinel platform within their business by reviewing their existing Microsoft 365 cloud and on-premises environments to build a business case for a production deployment of the technology.

By attending the workshop, organisations can expect to improve their understanding of the features and benefits of Microsoft Sentinel and how Bridewell can help implement them within their business. This includes the creation of a clearly defined, technical deployment roadmap based on your organisation’s specific environment and goals that includes joint plans and actionable next steps.

Following the workshop, organisations who implement these roadmaps can expect to receive hands-on experience and training with the Bridewell team that will teach them how to discover and analyse threats using Microsoft Sentinel and how to automate security operations to make it more effective.

Workshop Structure

  • Day One: Bridewell's consultants will work with relevant stakeholders within your organisation to review your current Sentinel set up, identify vulnerabilities and scope for improvement.
  • Day Two: Using the insights from the first day of the workshop, Bridewell's consultants will provide a list of recommendations for the organisation that will improve the security of their Sentinel deployment. These recommendations will be priotised by ease of implementation and the value they provide once addressed.
  • Day Three: Having consulted with the organisation about which recommendations they would like to implement into their Sentinel deployment, Bridewell will support relevant stakeholders within the organisation throughout the implementation progress, ensuring that all areas have been address and that everything is configured correctly.

The Workshop Is Suitable for Organisations With or Without Their Own SOC. Bridewell will tailor the workshop to any organisation’s specific needs and capabilities. This typically leads to two types of deployment:

Remote Monitoring - If your organisation doesn’t have its own security operations centre (SOC) or if you want to offload some monitoring tasks, we will demonstrate how Bridewell can perform remote monitoring and threat hunting for you.

Joint Threat Exploration - If your organisation is interested in learning how to integrate Microsoft Sentinel into your existing SOC by replacing or augmenting an existing SIEM, we will work with your SecOps team and provide additional readiness to bring them up to speed.

Why Bridewell?

Recognised as a Gold Security Partner by Microsoft, accredited by the NCSC and CREST, and certified to ISO 27001, 9001 and Cyber Essentials Plus, Bridewell is a highly-experienced and qualified cyber security services provider. Our experts have deep experience working with some of the most highly regulated organisations and sectors, in critical national infrastructure and beyond, which allow them to deliver cyber security services to the highest possible standard. These services are provided on a tailored basis for each customer, helping them resolve their individual key challenges in collaboration with a long-term partner.