C3GPT Lite: 1-Day

C3IT Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

C3GPT is a Microsoft Azure based Generative and Conversational AI Accelerator with a bouquet of services built using the capabilities of OpenAI as well as Conversational Language Engines.

C3GPT Lite is a consulting service that helps Customers to assess the power of generative and conversational AI by evaluating the trustworthiness of responses, including the ability to provide citations, track source content, and even access the original documents by clicking on relevant links.

During a 2-hour workshop, our consulting team will guide on data preparation, prompt construction, and interaction orchestration. Following this we will conduct a 1-day free POC on any one service on your Azure tenant that you will be able to use and assess.

C3GPT (C3IT Generative Pre-trained Transformer) model enables Chat and Q&A interfaces within platforms such as Teams or SharePoint or WhatsApp.

Overall, our GPT-based solution offers an advanced and reliable conversational interface, empowering users to obtain accurate information, verify sources, and collaborate effectively within their preferred platforms.

The offer includes free consultation for following C3GPT offerings- GPT Based Q-n-A Accelerator AI Document Processing Accelerator

Sign up for the workshop and the 'Proof of Concept' and se ethe power of Open AI and Conversational AI.

Reach out to sales@c3itsolutions.com for more information.