Intelligent Operations Platform MVP POC-6 weeks

Capgemini Group

The Road to Intelligent Manufacturing: Leveraging a Platform Approach

Intelligent Operations Platform: The Road to Intelligent Manufacturing (Digital Manufacturing/Factory of the Future with Microsoft offer) 80% of manufacturers will need to extensively restructure to put data at the center of their processes. The transformation to intelligent manufacturing is a journey that every manufacturer is capable of. However, getting there requires embracing a data-driven approach to operations, processes, and technology. From a business perspective, intelligent manufacturing means making data a core business function. This requires changes to processes and culture. Faster, more collaborative workstreams between IT and OT teams are necessary to drive agile development and leverage data-driven insights. Because of these new working relationships, as well as the rise of data-driven and autonomous operations, bringing employees along through the journey and developing their skillsets is key.

Together, Microsoft and Capgemini are making this transformation possible for all businesses—no matter where they are in the intelligent manufacturing journey. With an intelligent operations platform, manufacturers can extend their traditional MES with agile, flexible, and scalable data management and analytics capabilities. Microsoft and Capgemini have decades of experience driving innovation and helping manufacturers achieve more. We’re dedicated to the open standards, end-to-end security, compliance requirements, open data models, and seamless integrations that define a true intelligent operations platform.

Capgemini delivery teams will provide professional services in the following phases, all powered by Azure. Phase 1: Briefing or Demo for customer

Phase 2: Assessment to define roadmap and initial MVP use cases

Phase 3: Implementation of POC, including a deliverable of the roadmap document describing how our consulting services teams can help modernize your MES with Azure

Pricing is estimated due to client requirements.