Spyglass/Azure Security- 10 Wk. Implementation

Catapult Systems, LLC

Spyglass simplifies security & compliance by aligning security requirements with best-in-class technology, providing expert deployment, and creating a central view of your entire security landscape.

Jumpstart your cloud security by deploying Microsoft's security tools, leveraging our security experts, best practices and centralized security dashboards. Employing a holistic approach to security and compliance, we create a customized security roadmap based on your specific goals, implement tools from Azure and Microsoft 365, such as Azure Sentinel, and provide ongoing coaching and support for adoption success.

Implementation includes:

  • Assessment of existing tools (Week 1)
  • Prioritized Microsoft 365 deployment roadmap and timeline (Week 2)
  • Best practices leveraging hundreds of projects and past performance success (Week 2)
  • Proofs of concept for Microsoft 365 and Azure security that ensure tool/implementation success (Weeks 3 & 4)
  • Execution of Microsoft 365 and Azure security features (Weeks 5-8)
  • Assistance with user adoption and documentation (Weeks 9-10)
  • Create dashboards that provide key metrics to security stakeholders (Weeks 8-10)

Pricing Variability:

  • Pricing variations based on the following: client on-premises architectures, number of 3rd party security tools being evaluated, client’s change management processes, maturity of client’s security environment, and travel requirement have an impact on the total project amount.

Spyglass takes a unique approach, delivering ongoing guidance and service that adapt to your changing needs. Backed by your own security coach, you receive ongoing weekly coaching to ensure consistent progress. Your Spyglass team constantly monitors and remediates security problems, while driving user adoption of secure technologies that are designed to work together.