Project Execution Sprint: 2-Wk Implementation


A two-week implementation if project execution activities focused on developing, testing, and delivering predetermined features/project objectives.

All our engagements consist of “n” number of Construction Sprints. Each Construction Sprint is made up of a predetermined set of user stories/features to be developed. These user stories are selected from the project backlog before each Construction Sprint begins. We agree upon the committed work, and following your approval, begin the development activities.

Throughout development our teams utilize Azure IaaS to quickly provide value to our clients. By deploying applications in environments which can quickly scale to the their needs, we use this service to improve business continuity and plan for any potential disaster recovery.

At the end of each Construction Sprint our team delivers the completed, production ready code via your organization's preferred hand-off method. Upon your receipt of the finalized code, we await your approval before issuing an invoice.

At this point in the Sprint it is up to you and your team to determine next steps. You can either begin the next Sprint - continuing development, pause the project for internal digestion/budget constraints, or end the engagement all together (we do not charge an additional fee for pausing or ending a project).

Project Execution Sprint deliverables include:

  • Updated Sprint Backlog

  • Sprint Delivery Demo

  • Updated Execution Matrix

  • Prioritized Set of User Stories

  • Comprehensive/Updated Project Dashboard