Azure Continuous Improvement: 3-Month Proof of Concept


Utilize CloudServus consultants to help your team focus on the Azure improvements that will have the most significant impact on your Azure environment's security, performance and cost optimization.

Whether you are just getting started in Azure or managing thousands of services in Azure, the task of constantly improving security posture and performance while optimizing costs has proven to quickly become a challenge. Pair that with trying to stay up to date on all of Microsoft's new releases and upgrades and there is little time left over to focus on building technology in Azure to provide value to your business.

The Azure Continuous Improvement Engagement by CloudServus provides customers with a best-in-industry Azure consultant to guide you on your Azure journey. Our consultants will look to gain an understanding of what you are looking to accomplish in Azure and helping you prioritize actionable next steps in order to improve security posture, performance and optimize costs. Our consultants will meet monthly with your team to review the current security posture, data resiliency and Optimization opportunities (feature enhancements and cost optimizations) to ensure your investment in Azure is maximized. During these monthly meetings your dedicated consultant will also educate your teams on the latest releases from Microsoft that offer the most value to your existing Azure deployment. Allowing your team to focus on leveraging Azure to provide value back to your organization and/or customers.

Pricing subject to change based on size and complexity of Azure environment